Videograaf, Regisseur, Editor, Color grader en Productie Bas Swelheim

Bas SwelheimVideograaf, Regisseur, Editor, Color grader en Productie

  • Nederland
  • Vreeland

Over mij

My name is Bas Swelheim. An allround film- and motion graphics professional. I started my career at the Amsterdam TV station AT5. In Post-production. Doing edit – and Motion Graphics work on most of the featured tv programmes and commercials. In 2006 I went freelance. Since then I’ve been working for a lot of major agencies and production houses in the Netherlands. Creating content for national tv, the internet and corporate use. Meanwhile, I also discovered the camera and, as a film lover, started producing my own film and video content. This made me an allround content creator, from design to delivery. BazzMedia


Accesoires (2) Audio (4) Camera (14) Drone (3) Licht & Studio (8) Stabilizer (9) Statief (3) Techniek (4)


Draadloze monitor Monitor


Dasspeldmicrofoon Richtmicrofoon Hengel Shotgun microfoon


Digital Cinema Camera 4k Digital Cinema Camera 4k+ Digital Cinema Camera 4k Pro Camera 4k+ Pro Camera 4k DSLR Pocket/Action camera Timelapse camera Super-Slow mo camera Analoog camera Polaroid camera 3D Camera DSLR VR / 360 Camera


4k Drone 1080 Drone Pro-drone

Licht & Studio

Lichtset Flitser Green Screen Backgrounds Reflector / Flash umbrella LED Panels Stage lights Studio flash


Steadycam Gimbal Flycam Shoulder rig Easy rig Helmet cam Cable cam Dolly Slider


Tripod met fluid-head Tripod zonder fluid-head Monopod


Draadloze video zender Draadloze monitor Stream regie Laptop (Montage op locatie)


Algemene sfeer reportage After movie (event) After movie (dance) Product Event registratie Concert reportage Algemene reportage Zakelijke portretten Portretten Interview Reportage Televisie commercial Online commercial Short film Film Luchtbeelden Behind the scenes Overig Fashion