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Hiya, nice of you to look at my profile. My name's Jasper Leeuw. Currently I'm studying photography at the Dutch Academy of Image Creation/Nederlandse Academie voor Beeldcreatie. I mainly work in North-Holland, but anywhere else in the country is also perfectly doable.
My main focus is reportage/event/behind the scene photography. But I'm pretty much an all-round photographer so a different kind of job is also fine. Aside of photography I also really enjoy to edit/retouch images.
Feel free to contact if you have any questions or would like to do a collaboration.


Camera (14) Lens (9) Licht & Studio (8) Statief (3) Techniek (4)


Digital Cinema Camera 4k Digital Cinema Camera 4k+ Digital Cinema Camera 4k Pro Camera 4k+ Pro Camera 4k DSLR Pocket/Action camera Timelapse camera Super-Slow mo camera Analoog camera Polaroid camera 3D Camera DSLR VR / 360 Camera


Fisheye (Ultra-wide) Wide Angle Standard Prime lens Zoom Macro Telephoto Tilt / shift Tilt / Pancake Super tele

Licht & Studio

Lichtset Flitser Green Screen Backgrounds Reflector / Flash umbrella LED Panels Stage lights Studio flash


Tripod met fluid-head Tripod zonder fluid-head Monopod


Draadloze video zender Draadloze monitor Stream regie Laptop (Montage op locatie)


Algemene sfeer reportage Nachtclub fotografie Festival fotografie Product Concert reportage Algemene reportage Zakelijke portretten Portretten Reportage Fashion