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Gwendoline BeuserieFotograaf

  • België
  • Hoegaarden

Over mij

I take photographs because I'm interested in anything beautiful. I hope by tuning in to my own interpretation of the subject, i can express my feelings about what i see. ​
​I love portraiture an hope to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. I will focus on non-models and place people in situations that highlight and aspect of who they are.
​​The camera i use is not important as my vision - it's what you see that counts and plenty of practice, but I'm using a Nikon D850 with the best lenses I can have, capturing images is RAW which I later make a master file from in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


Camera (14) Lens (9) Licht & Studio (8) Statief (3) Techniek (4)


Digital Cinema Camera 4k Digital Cinema Camera 4k+ Digital Cinema Camera 4k Pro Camera 4k+ Pro Camera 4k DSLR Pocket/Action camera Timelapse camera Super-Slow mo camera Analoog camera Polaroid camera 3D Camera DSLR VR / 360 Camera


Fisheye (Ultra-wide) Wide Angle Standard Prime lens Zoom Macro Telephoto Tilt / shift Tilt / Pancake Super tele

Licht & Studio

Lichtset Flitser Green Screen Backgrounds Reflector / Flash umbrella LED Panels Stage lights Studio flash


Tripod met fluid-head Tripod zonder fluid-head Monopod


Draadloze video zender Draadloze monitor Stream regie Laptop (Montage op locatie)


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