Fotograaf, Videograaf, Regisseur en Productie Christopher Paul

Christopher PaulFotograaf, Videograaf, Regisseur en Productie

  • Nederland
  • Utrecht

Over mij

After a twenty-five year career in New York City as a professional cameraman working in movies, commercials and music videos, I am now excited to call Utrecht my home.

Working in the film industry has exposed me to a huge variety of shooting situations all over the world, and I bring that experience and training to your projects here in The Netherlands. I shoot both still photography and video, depending upon the needs of the project.

More than just a shooter, our initial conversations will include a discussion about your audience, how and where the images will be used, and if we're shooting video, then I help with every aspect from ideation, script writing, shooting, editing and light motion graphics.

Every project presents an adventure, so let's begin...


Audio (4) Camera (14) Lens (9) Licht & Studio (8) Stabilizer (9) Statief (3)


Dasspeldmicrofoon Richtmicrofoon Hengel Shotgun microfoon


Digital Cinema Camera 4k Digital Cinema Camera 4k+ Digital Cinema Camera 4k Pro Camera 4k+ Pro Camera 4k DSLR Pocket/Action camera Timelapse camera Super-Slow mo camera Analoog camera Polaroid camera 3D Camera DSLR VR / 360 Camera


Fisheye (Ultra-wide) Wide Angle Standard Prime lens Zoom Macro Telephoto Tilt / shift Tilt / Pancake Super tele

Licht & Studio

Lichtset Flitser Green Screen Backgrounds Reflector / Flash umbrella LED Panels Stage lights Studio flash


Steadycam Gimbal Flycam Shoulder rig Easy rig Helmet cam Cable cam Dolly Slider


Tripod met fluid-head Tripod zonder fluid-head Monopod


Festival fotografie Product (Live) Multicam registratie Multicam registratie Concert reportage Algemene reportage Zakelijke portretten Portretten Interview Televisie commercial Online commercial Short film Overig